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Smart Catch

Leading the Way:
How Smart Catch Promotes Sustainable Seafood

Smart Catch is an educational program created by chefs for chefs, aimed at promoting seafood sustainability in menus. As key players in seafood supply chains, chefs can create positive changes and influence consumer choices. While recognizing top performers, Smart Catch also emphasizes the need for continuous improvement in both culinary practices and seafood supply chains. By connecting producers to chefs, Smart Catch aims to create positive change on the water and for all the people connected to it.

Smart Catch empowers chefs to lead the industry in maintaining healthy and sustainable food sources for present and future generations. In doing so, they broaden not just our palates, but also our perspectives.


The Smart Catch program provides training and support to chefs so they can serve seafood that is produced in sustainable ways. By becoming a Smart Catch Leader and earning the Smart Catch seal, chefs give consumers a simple way to identify and support restaurants that are working to protect our oceans.

This program includes:  

  • Assessing restaurants’ seafood purchases

  • Assessing distributors’ products

  • Providing guidance for products that meet the program’s standards

  • Educating chefs about sustainable seafood issues    

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Companies that work further up the supply chain are equally important in the sustainable sourcing landscape. Postelsia works with seafood distributors and producers in a variety of ways to support their participation in Smart Catch by connecting chefs to Smart Catch approved seafood.

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Smart Catch Program Relaunch 2022

Smart Catch Program Relaunch 2022

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