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Making Sustainability Work For You

Whether you are a seafood farmer, chef, or buyer, we support clients at all stages of their sustainability and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) journey with data-driven strategies to unlock insights and

create value. Our work engages both the business and investment community by integrating sustainability

expertise and ESG criteria in the evaluation of seafood supply chains, from producer to retailer.


Postelsia services include:


Strategy Setting – define the metrics that matter for your company, supply chain, or investments, and set associated ESG and sustainability goals

Evaluation and Data Analysis – develop an approach to assess ESG metrics and begin analyzing impact

Dashboards and Reporting – develop online dashboards to support reporting and implement reporting and measurement against ESG criteria

Sustainability Reporting and Assurance – communicate progress against your ESG and sustainability goals based on an independent review and assurance process

Custom Environmental Footprinting – measure your company and supply chain emissions

Verification – validate your ESG metrics with third-party assurance through partner divisions at WFCF



We are committed to supporting producers in their efforts to promote sustainable practices and improve their products. As such, we offer a range of servies that include:

  • Place-based sustainability initiatives

  • Sustainability assessments

  • Gap analyses and improvement plans

  • Verification services

  • Product promotion 

We believe that sustainable seafood is critical to the health of our oceans and planet. To help seafood buyers make informed decisions and prioritize sustainability, we offer a suite of services that include:

  • Fractional sustainability executive support

  • Internal assessments of product sustainability performance

  • Development and review of seafood procurement policies

  • Support on compliance with customer sustainability requirements


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