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CARE Certified

Postelsia has developed the CARE Certfied Standard
for land-based aquaculture farmers in the United States.

The CARE Certified Standard and verification process is intended to certify farmers who are going above and beyond current industry standards when it comes to animal care, environmental and community aspects, while ensuring that traceability remains intact.


CARE Certified was built for aquaculture farmers with pond systems, raceways, flow through systems and closed containment systems.


Marine open net pen and shellfish farms are not included in CARE Certified for the aquaculture industry.

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Environmental Stewardship


  • Fish care and wellbeing policies and practices

  • Biosecurity and emergency preparedness protocols

  • Facility conditions and handling guidelines

  • Welfare indicator observations

  • Care and health training for employees

  • Fish health planning

Fish Market


  • Habitat and ecosystem function conservation

  • Reduction of wastewater risks

  • Feed sourcing sustainability and efficiency

  • Energy and production innovations

  • Minimize chemical usage

  • Wild species risk reduction



  • Safety training for workers

  • Safe working environment

  • Fair compensation and treatment

  • Growth and development opportunities

  • Business & succession planning

  • Local community support


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