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WFCF Seafood Standards Public Consultation

Postelsia, a division of Where Food Comes From (WFCF) since 2020, has developed the WFCF Standards for fisheries and aquaculture production.

Postelsia specializes in placed-based seafood sustainability initiatives and drives transformative change across global seafood supply chains. The WFCF Seafood Standards and verification process are intended to certify farmers and fishers who are going above and beyond current industry standards when it comes to caring for animals, the environment and communities in which they operate, while ensuring that traceability remains intact.

The WFCF Land-Based Standard

Land-Based Standard

The WFCF Land-Based Standard was built for pond, raceway, flow through or closed containment systems.

The Net Pen Standard

Net-Pen Standard

The WFCF Net-Pen Standard covers producers growing fish in marine net pens.

The Fishery Standard

Fishery Standard

The WFCF Fishery Standard covers near-shore, non-enhanced fisheries, and aims to prioritize certification of small-scale fisheries over industrial fleets.


Postelsia is soliciting feedback from all interested stakeholders on each of the above three seafood standards. This round of consultation focuses on the environmental and animal health aspects of our programs; feedback on social requirements is not requested at this time. Feedback can be submitted via the Survey Monkey link or general comments directly to


The consultation period will run for 60 days from June 1 - July 31, 2024.

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