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Sustainable Improvement

Whether you are a seafood farmer, chef or buyer, we can work with you on a consulting basis. For producers, that can be assessments and verification opportunities. For buyers and chefs, that could be an evaluation of your menu and procurement process, as well as compliance policies.

For chefs, we offer:

  • Sustainable seafood evaluation of menu items

  • Sustainable procurement policy development

  • Engagement as brand ambassadors with seafood improvement projects 


For producers, we offer:

  • Place-based sustainability initiatives

  • Sustainability assessments

  • Gap analyses and improvement plans

  • Verification services

  • Product promotion 

For seafood buyers, we offer:

  • Fractional sustainability executive support

  • Internal assessments of product sustainability performance

  • Development and review of seafood procurement policies

  • Support on compliance with customer sustainability requirements

Seafood Buyers

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